A Super Powerful Wind Turbine That's Taller Than the Washington Monument

Wind blows. And if there's energy (and money) to be made from this fact of life, we may as well take advantage of it, right? That's what Vestas is doing—and they're using the V164-7.0 MW, a massive, 614-foot wind turbine, to do it.

My brain pretty much explodes when I try to comprehend how big this thing is. Its rotor, spanning a diameter of 540 feet, can fit the infield and outfield of Yankee Stadium within it. Twice. Come again?


The power it supplies is as impressive as its specs. After the first V164 prototype is built in late-2012, it's expected to pump out 30,000 megawatt hours annually. In other words, in that year it could power 2,787 homes (assuming the wind keeps blowing, which is a serious consideration when your country [i.e., England] wants 20 percent of its electricity to come from wind by 2020). Best of luck to ya, chaps. [Vestas via The Atlantic and Renewbl]

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