A Swamp Thing Show Will Soon Be Slithering Its Sexy Way to Your TV Thanks to James Wan

Gaze into those gorgeous red eyes.
Gaze into those gorgeous red eyes.
Image: DC

Warner Bros.’ newly-named streaming service, DC Universe, looks to be starting things off on the right foot. DC Entertainment has ordered a new live-action series based on the classic comic Swamp Thing, with James Wan (director of Aquaman) serving as executive producer.


Wan took to Twitter to confirm the announcement, promising all the goodies we could hope for with a Swamp Thing series: gothic romance and sexy monsters.

According to the press release, DC has given a script-to-series approval for Swamp Thing, meaning it’s basically a sure thing so long as the pilot script doesn’t suck. The one-hour drama, based on characters created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, will center around CDC researcher Abby Arcane and her relationship with Alec Holland—who tragically dies and is transformed into Swamp Thing, a monster who fights to protect his homeland and the environment against supernatural and human threats.

Swamp Thing first debuted in 1971 and has since become one of DC’s most-popular (and, strangely, sexiest) monsters. While the series and character have faced some hardships over the years, including a rivalry with Marvel’s Man-Thing that was almost brought to court in the early 1970s, Swamp Thing is beloved in DC fandom. This series will be the latest in a series of adaptations surrounding the character, since he’s already starred in two films, a live-action TV show, and a five-part animated series.

Swamp Thing is set to debut in 2019 on DC Universe, the streaming service that launches later this year.

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So is it animated or live action? The release on the DC website didn’t say but you guys seem to be leaning toward live action.