A Television Show About The World's First Cafe For Wild Birds

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Norway's wildly popular Piip-Show will give you 24-hour tits. Also, finches, nuthatches, magpies — and even the occasional fluffy-eared squirrel. It's the creation of a photographer and model-maker who built a miniature cafe in the woods, stocked it with seeds, and turned on the cameras.

Here's model-maker Lars Aurtande with the completed cafe. Photographer Magne Klann is in charge of filming.


First of all, the bird cafe itself is freakin' adorable — there's even a TV inside broadcasting the Piip-Show. Second, subscribing to the Twitter or Instagram feed is perfect for all your "emergency cute animal" needs. Write the Piip-Show creators:

Amongst the regulars you can find a short tempered nuthatch, a blue tit with the memory of a gold fish, a cheerful and carefree great tit and even a depressed bullfinch.


Here's a typical day at the cafe, with a couple of birds coming in from the weather:

And here's what happened when a squirrel invaded (video at the link).


This incredible television show is part of the "slow television" movement, which is a half-satirical, half-serious trend toward watching natural, slow-moving events rather than the false paradise of sit-coms and artificial action of drama.

You can watch the slow, exciting goings-on at the Norwegian bird cafe, 24 hours a day, here.


All photos by Magne Klann and Lars Aurtande