A Thanksgiving Movie You Should Definitely Not Watch With Your Family

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Consuming two kinds of potatoes in the presence of loved ones calls for a holiday-appropriate movie. You could load up the heartwarming Planes, Trains and Automobiles, or dive right into Christmas season with It's a Wonderful Life. Well, here's a film about Thanksgiving and family you should really not gather the generations together to watch: The Ice Storm.

Set on the Thanksgiving weekend of 1973 in suburban Connecticut, the film centers around two families and their sexually precocious teenagers. All of the characters are engaged in some form of escapism through drugs or alcohol or some other form of deceit—hey, it's the 70s!—and you can already start to see how things might begin to unravel when a freak ice storm hits. Which I suppose is another way this movie is thematically perfect for the season.

This is definitely a great film. Directed by Ang Lee, the cast is star-studded and incredible and features so many great young actors (who are not that young anymore). Christina Ricci's angry teen Thanksgiving prayer is one of her all-time great performances. It's just probably better to watch this in the company of your peers, or better yet, alone—unless you want to spend the rest of the evening talking to your parents about what it was like when they went to key parties back in the day. [Netflix]


Image from The Ice Storm, via The Criterion Collection

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Jerk Dently

one of my favorite Thanksgiving movies is Home For The Holidays