A Third, Full-Length Steve Jobs Biopic Was Just Announced—by Funny or Die

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Because there can never be too many Steve Jobs biopics coming out at essentially the exact same time, we now have a third feature-length film to add to the czar of Apple's roster. Unlike the others, though, this one took considerably less time to complete. So in a mere matter of weeks, Funny or Die will present iSteve.


You probably didn't expect a site known for short, viral videos to put out something about 12 times the length of their normal fare, but neither did they. As iSteve producer Allison Hord told the New York Times:

We were kicking around the idea of making a fake Steve Jobs movie trailer, and as often happens in a writers' room, the joke kind of escalated.


Starring Justin Long as the media mogul himself, the 60-75 minute film probably isn't going to teach you as much "real" "information" as the two biopics to follow—seeing as iJobs writer/dirctor Ryan Perez described the research process as "a cursory look at the Steve Jobs Wikipedia page"—but it will be the first! So they've got that going for them. Assuming the Ghost of Steve Jobs Past doesn't voice his disapproval by annihilating everything beforehand, you can catch iSteve on Funny or Die on April 15. [New York Times via Splitsider]

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Long is an amazingly good casting choice for a film of this caliber. It is also fantastic stunt casting without regard to the class of film. Very well done.