Nobody likes looking like a tourist, especially in their hometown—but with a public transportation system as complex as Tokyo's, sometimes a map is entirely necessary. Need a simple solution to avoid getting lost while looking like a native? Wear your map in a hidden place.

That's exactly what this Bluebelland brand necktie offers. It looks like a regular tie to any random bystander but, when you flip it around, there's a full map of Tokyo's subway system.


Hiding maps on clothing is not a new idea, but it sure would be fun if it were more widespread. Anybody care to design a baseball cap with the New York City subway embroidered under the bill? How about a map of the Paris Metro embroidered in the lining? Boston T on a T-shirt?

Just in case you didn't think Tokyo's subway was complex enough to justify such a thing, here is what it looks like:



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