A Toddler-Driven Power Stroller Means Parents Never Have To Push

You might think you've got the most badass stroller at the playground, but it's got nothing on Xandon Frogget's creation which adds motors and a wireless steering system using a Wiimote controller. And thanks to an onboard Kinect sensor, his toddler can even drive it without the risk of crashing into anything.

Enhanced with wheelchair motors that are actually strong enough to propel someone up to 300 pounds, the hacked stroller is controlled by a rooted NookColor running a programming language called Processing. So if you've got the coding chops, you can order one of the $2,500 kits yourself (when available) and control it using your smartphone instead of the Wiimote. Although that tiny steering wheel sure is adorable. [Daddio Robotics via Hack a Day]


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