Stranger Things

David Harbour told TV Guide that “Justice for Barb” is a “big” theme of season two. Prepare your memes now.

Barb is clearly dead. But as a result, I think, of some of the fandom and also as a result of what we want to explore, justice for Barb is a big thing in Season 2. Barb was not given the justice she deserved in Season 1 because we were focused on Will and saving a child, but so we’ve realized from the fans that Barb is important, and so we are going to treat her with the respect that she deserves.


The Strain

Synopses for the second and third episodes of season four have been released:

“Blood Tax” — Imprisoned as a subject in a strigoi breeding program, Dutch is desperate to escape and find Setrakian. Gus recruits his cousin for the inside job that will put his gang at the top of the new world’s underground economy, but Creem is suspicious of his business partner’s ambitions.

“One Shot” — Quinlan and Fet discover that stealing a nuclear warhead isn’t easy when they encounter an unexpected enemy. Eph and Alex concoct a new weapon to use against the strigoi. Frustrated with his seclusion, Zack discovers a love interest.


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Finally, AMC has released a whopping 30-minute catch-up video to get you acquainted with the Saint of Killers before season two.

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