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A Trip to the Aquarium in 3D

If two intense hours of Tron in 3D seems like a bit much, maybe spending a few minutes with some three-dee fishies is more your speed. This clip, shot at the Georgia Aquarium, is the perfect bite-sized 3D treat.


Well, the video is bite size. The whale sharks seen in it are not. The user who submitted the video to BoingBoing offers these tips for watching:

It's made for Red/Left Eye and Blue/Right Eye glasses. Apparently all glasses may not follow that same convention. In that case just flip them upside down if you can. I am not sure about the tilt. It works great for me. Don't full screen it, it was calibrated to be viewed at about the standard size of a small youtube screen at 720P.


And if you enjoyed that, you can always find more in the seminal nature documentary Jaws 3-D. [BoingBoing]

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