Illustration for article titled A True Foreign Beauty: The Winning 2014 Asian Games Stadium Design

We can argue about whether it looks like an alien spaceship, a colony on a distant planet, or something else, but let's agree that the winning stadium design for the 2014 Asian Games is mind-blowingly gorgeous.


It looks stunning in the concept pictures and the stadium is actually two-in-one after a two-step process according to Inhabitat:

Designed by Populous (formerly HOK Sport Venue Event) and Heerim Architects and Planners, Incheon's new stadium is designed to hold 70,000 people for the Asian games in 2014, after which it will downsize and transform into a 30,000 seat stadium and public park.


I dread to see how much of the original design will be lost after that conversion, but until that happens I'll keep speculating over just which alien species submitted the yin and yang inspired concept. [Inhabitat]

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