A TSA Agent Has Been Stealing iPads from Passenger Luggage

Here's another awful thing to add to your oft updated list of why the TSA is terrible: a TSA baggage inspector has been charged with theft by a public servant for stealing eight iPads (on different occasions) from passenger luggage at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Predictably, the TSA is saying this 'rogue' agent ain't their fault. In a statement:

The unacceptable behavior of this individual in no way reflects the dedication of our nearly 50,000 transportation security officers who work tirelessly to keep our skies safe

And maybe, just maybe some blame should be placed on the passengers, I mean, who puts an iPad into their check-in luggage? They should be smarter! They should be careful! But then you think, how horrible is it that because of the TSA's ineptitude and its agents' questionable morals that we have to be worried about losing stuff every time we fly? Ugh, TSA. Go away. [FOX News]

Note: the TSA agent in the image above is not the same TSA agent who is stealing iPads

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