A Vampire Love Story On The Moon, And Our New Favorite Book Cover

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Move over, Diamond Star! There's a new contender for most cheesetastic book cover of the 2000s. It's the cover art for futuristic vampire romance Those Of My Blood. In the full high-res version, you can see the lunar explorer's fangs.

We should stress that authors don't customarily get much input into their book covers, so this image is by no means a reflection on the work of science-fiction romance author Jacqueline Lichtenberg. And any novel that features vampires fighting on the Moon, where an alien vampire spaceship has just crashed, automatically meets our criteria for awesomeness. (Somehow, I'd gotten the impression this book was newly published, but after double-checking just now, I realized it's been out in paperback for six years. And it won the Romantic Times Award for best SF novel. Weirdly, Amazon has a version of the book cover where the woman suddenly has long, flowy hair and a more doll-like face.)


Here's a description of her book, from one of the Amazon reviews:

Dr. Titus Shiddehara is a human/vampire hybrid alien from the planet Luren. Titus, an astronomer has been sent to Project Station on the moon the stop his nemesis and vamphyric father, Dr. Abbot Nandoha from contacting the home world of Luren.

Titus is a Resident - a Luren who does not drink blood from the human source. Instead, he drinks a cloned, dried blood mixed with heated water. Abbot, on the other hand, is a Tourist. He feels justified in not only drinking blood from humans, but also in their domination. To Abbot, humans are just like cattle - or orl. If Abbot succeeds in sending his message to Luren, humanity will be doomed.

Abbot and Titus, as vampires, have incredible telepathic powers. They are able to bend others to their will and create believable illusions. Using these skills, Abbot does everything he can to try contact Luren. Titus is forced to struggle to thwart Abbot and stay alive. This power struggle, set against a conflicted Earth, creates a refreshing and fascinating world with unexpected twists and turns.


Here's the full cover art, which I guess is from the 2003 paperback edition. Click to enlarge: