Derrick is a comedy trio who's been making short comedic videos for the web for a few years. You've probably seen at least a few of them in the past. But now, they've set their sights higher: they want out of the internet comedy ghetto and into the mainstream. How're they going to do that? By making their own feature-length movie outside of the Hollywood system, with the help of the super-powerful RED camera. Welcome to the future of movies, where the playing field has been leveled. According to DC Pierson, one of the members of Derrick, the only way they were able to make a feature-length (and Hollywood-quality) film on their own was because of the affordability of renting the RED camera. "The budget was extremely small and we probably would not have been able to shoot the movie were it not for this technology and its affordability. The RED leveled the playing field for us and will do so for other filmmakers. It absolutely did and it absolutely will." The next step for the movie? Now that it's complete, they're submitting it to festivals such as Sundance and looking for a distributor. Whether or not their attempt to turn internet fame into Hollywood success will work out is still to be seen, but one thing's for sure: with incredibly powerful cameras like the RED becoming cheap enough for first-timers to use, this is certainly not the last time we'll be seeing Hollywood outsiders skipping the system altogether. [Mystery Team]