A Void Has Been Filled in the Hooch-Swilling Golfer Market

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SiliPint is a company unabashedly obsessed with silicone. They love it and want you to love it, too. That is why they created the SiliShot, a patent-pending multitasking silicone shot glass/golf tee/bottle stopper that's dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible.

But, wait. Do we really need SiliShot in our lives?

Yes. We badly need SiliShot because, when the apocalypse comes you're gathering things to bring to your underground putting-green bunker, you'll be able to fit more wine and whiskey bottles thanks to all the space you're saving by not packing separate single-purpose golf tees and glasses and corks. And you'll be able to play fun drinking games on the green once you're down there. See? So necessary. [SiliPint via TheGreenHead via NotCot]