A Wall Dock Ruled By Simplicity

There are a lot of wall chargers and docks out there for iOS devices. A lot. So many. But it's nice to see one that's simple, portable, flexible, and smartly designed. It's just sort of a relief. If you need this, here it is, and it's 10 bucks. Done.

The Rolio by Blue Lounge uses the lightening cable and USB wall charger that comes with your iPhone to convert between a wall dock and a just a cable organizer that you can throw you in your bag. You fit the lightening connector into a groove so it sticks out at the correct angle and then wind the cable around the internal spool of the Rolio until the USB end pokes out the back in the right position to go into the wall charger. Without the wall charger the Rolio wrangles the cable for plugging iDevices into your computer. Makes sense if you like wall docks but also sync to your computer. [Bless This Stuff]


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