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Having a manservant keep track of your wallet, keys, and phone is about as pampered as it gets. The Butler organizer doesn't have a British accent, nor does it wear a three-piece suit, but it's got more style than Jeeves ever did.


The Butler is a neatly designed storage unit for just about everything in your pockets. It has a concealable iPhone dock with a hollowed out space for routing a charger, a slot for keys and another for a wallet, it also acts as a hook for your glasses, hat, scarf, or purse. All built into a minimalist two-toned wooden frame that would look just as good hanging in the MoMA as it would on your wall.

$170 might be asking a bit much for a wooden box, but it's a small price to pay for putting an end to endless key searches and leaving the house without your wallet. If only it could make an Old-Fashioned. [Etsy via Design Milk]


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