A Wheelchair That Gives the Rider Even More Mobility Than Walking

The world's already got its fair share of tank-treaded wheelchairs that can traverse any terrain, but a personal mobility device that looks as fun to ride as an ATV? There's definitely still room for the HexHog in our hearts, on our hilly fields and mountains, and even in shallow water, apparently.

With a price tag starting at just over $30,200, the six-wheeled articulated HexHog wheel chair costs as much as a nicely-equipped new car—and with an additional kit, it can actually be legally driven on roads in the UK if you're finally ready to ditch your Mini Cooper. But with a top speed of just 8.5 miles per hour you'll probably be making your fellow motorists not too happy as you putter along.


Thankfully, the HexHog appears to work just as well off-road as it does on pavement—if not even better. It can tackle obstacles like hills, rocks, and minor flooding with ease, but just remember that its electric range of eight to twelve miles probably falls somewhere closer to the former if you're taking it over really rugged terrain. However, for someone confined to a wheelchair who's used to sticking to smooth sidewalks and gentle ramps, being able to take the road less traveled would certainly make the price tag and limited range totally worth it. [HexHog via Gizmag]

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