Is This Tiny Tank the Comfiest Wheelchair Ever?

Illustration for article titled Is This Tiny Tank the Comfiest Wheelchair Ever?

It might look like a one-seat sofa capable of traversing almost any terrain on the planet, but this compact electric vehicle is actually designed to be a highly maneuverable and comfortable alternative to a traditional wheelchair. You won't ever see it cruising down sidewalks, but one day they might be crawling all over hospitals.

The treads allow the Unimo to easily tackle six-inch steps, and with a zero turning radius it can even spin itself around inside an elevator. The EV's seat automatically adjusts its angle when the tiny tank is rolling down an inclined slope so the passenger always feels secure. And in terms of speed it maxes out at just under four miles per hour, keeping hospital pileups to a minimum. [Nano-Optonics Energy via Tech-On!]

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What is L doing on that wheelchair??