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'A Whisper of Vomit': The Ghostbusters Cast Describes the First Time They Got Slimed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ghosts and slime. It’s the peanut butter and jelly of Ghostbusters’ beloved supernatural phenomena. But also? It’s pretty gross. That’s something the new team of Ghostbusters can definitely attest to, as they described the process in the most unpleasant way they can.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly during a recent set visit, the cast talked about the feeling of the film’s slime—which apparently was created in various viscosities depending on how director Paul Feig wanted it to look on camera. But what really sells it is the cast’s description of the neon green goop:

MELISSA MCCARTHY: You can’t move once it’s sprayed because it’s so slippery that [the crew] had to put towels down so you could walk. But as you try to wash it off, it regenerates. So the more you try to wash it off, the slippier it becomes.

LESLIE JONES: It’s terrible. So awful. It multiplies. It’s like that slime stuff they used to sell in a little jar.

MCCARTHY: But it has a viscosity as you touch it, like the hair goop from the ‘80s.

KRISTEN WIIG: With a little bit of mucus.

MCCARTHY: And a whisper of vomit.

KATE MCKINNON: It’s like if you have dry mouth and you buy that fake saliva.

Multiplying, regenerating vomit whispers? Horrifying. But at least it looks good on camera!