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According to Apple It's Your Own Fault if You Catch an iPhone Worm

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've told you over and over again that you need to secure your jailbroken iPhone. If you still haven't listened and were affected by the latest iPhone worm then it is kinda your own fault. Even Apple thinks so.

Aside from blaming the victims, I don't exactly entirely agree with Apple's statement. It's not the actual jailbreaking that exposed iPhones to these ridiculous worms, it's simply the fact that a lot of people install and enable SSH without changing the default root password. If you don't miss that important step, a jailbreak could almost be considered an improvement. After all, it allows you to use Google Voice, multitasking interfaces, and a bunch of apps otherwise unavailable. So don't let the big A scare you. Just practice safe jailbreaking, kids. That's all.


PS: If you still don't know how to protect yourself from this silliness, it's easy: Go into Cydia, install the MobileTerminal app, and use the passwd command to change the default from "alpine", to something that won't leave you in need of a de-worming. [Loop Insight]