Accsense Remote Monitoring

This "pod" based remote monitoring from Accsense looks interesting. It works by having one base station connected to your business's Ethernet LAN which communicates with up to 16 different pods using 802.15.4/Zigbee wireless protocol. Each pod can be placed anywhere on the premises to monitor stuff like physical presence, temperature, vibration, light level, humidity, door state and more. An example would be to alert you whenever a person, say Jack Bauer, enters a restricted area.

One interesting feature is how the alerts come through. Data is sent and stored on Accsense's secure servers and then sends an SMS, phone call or email whenever one of the pods generates an alert. The pods themselves have a self-configuring mesh that allows them to be more spread out from the base.


All this doesn't come cheap—this is why it's targeted towards businesses and not individuals—as one pod and one gateway is about $400 and each additional pod is $300 to $700 depending on what kind of sensors are needed. A bit too much for regular consumers like us who would just use it to make sure our wives don't find our secret stash of Bootylicious Monthly.

Product Page [Accsense - Thanks Jon!]

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