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Achieve Immortality with Ink Afterlife Photo Printed Using Your Ashes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's the next step in mankind's never-ending quest for eternal life: Ink Afterlife, where cremated and ground-up ashes are mixed in with printer ink, and end up in a photograph. The ghouls at supply you with a one-ounce barcoded vial, into which you lovingly place the powdery essence of the dearly departed. Send that off to the printers along with your fave pic, and it's all set. Next, they unceremoniously mix those ashes into special ink and print that sucker up on an 8x10 inch black-and-white photo for 50 bucks, or $79 for a color print. It's a far cry from building a Great Pyramid or Taj Mahal—or better yet, having your ashes shot into space—but hey, it's better than being buried in a pauper's grave. [Inkafterlife] Thanks, Tom!