Active Child: You Are All I See

Listening to Active Child is like drinking a cup of codeine as your shuttle docks with a gently rotating space station. It's futuristic—contracting tides of synths, and and an ethereal voice that sounds part Android. It's very serene.

And after a week of helping find the coolest stuff on the internet internet and planet for you guys, my nerves are kind of shot. I need soothing. Hours of Waka Flocka Flame and Watch the Throne propel me through most days, but at their end, and particularly on fridays, I need to submerge myself in something like Active Child's "You Are All I See". I'm calmed, unfolded, transfixed—the harps meld with computer sounds, the human mixes with the extraterrestrial, and I feel like I'm watching a scene of Deckard and Rachael after they escape the finale of Blade Runner.

There's something just slightly ominous about it, but the beauty of Pat Grossi's voice and melody overwhelms. I forget about all the Chrome crashes, the software updates, the patent wars, the firmware problems, the file incompatibilities—it all drips out. Each song on this album is like the cold vacuum of space—deep, dark, cold, but flickering with the vivid light of nebulae and comets. Sorta like writing for a tech site! It makes me feel good, and I hope it'll make you feel good. Digest an MP3 or two of Grossi's work if you need help sleeping, unwinding, or just feel like lying down and thinking about supernovas. It's moon base music. [Amazon, iTunes]


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Never heard of "chillwave" before. This is my first of experience of it. Not my cup of tea (may be it will grow on me?). The closest I've heard is Massive Attack (whom I love, check out Mezzanine if you've just landed on earth).

On a barely related note, I'm thinking of replacing my basic Sony headphones with SoundMagic P11 (the aim is cheap but better if possible): []

Has anyone had any experience with these? Or any recommendations in a similar price range? I'm converting some of CD collection to ALAC for my iPhone and I was thinking of new headphones as the Sony headphones are starting to fray. (Sorry about the threadjacking, this seemed to be the most relevant post in the last day or so to ask this. Any help is much appreciated.)