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Adapter Kit Lets Your Lego Bricks and Lincoln Logs Play Together

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you've ever wished your building sets like Lego, K'Nex, Tinker Toys, and even Lincoln Logs could all fit in with each other, this universal construction kit will make your dreams come true. That is, uh, if you've got a 3D printer handy.

Seeing all of those unique hybrid building pieces all laid out is a bit of a tease when the only way you can get your own set is to download the 3D plans for the Free Universal Construction Kit and print them off yourself.


Given how cheap the raw plastic that's used in those 3D printers is, you'd think the folks who painstakingly created all of these pieces would also be willing to sell them for a tidy profit. But the kit most certainly tip-toes into a few legal gray areas, so providing just the plans for download is probably keeping several hungry legal teams at bay. [Free Art & Technology via Make]