The zombie fad will soon be as old and tired as steampunk, but ridiculous creations like this electric chainsaw accessory designed to hang off the front of an AK-47 can still coax a smile out of me.

The Zombie-X rifle was created by DoubleStar as a more effective tool for dealing with the imaginary apocalypse of the undead that's never going to happen. The most notable addition to the modified AK-47 is a battery-powered electric chainsaw mounted to the business end of the rifle for imaginary melee attacks.


I'm also fond of the Zombie-X's EOTech XPS2-Z scope which puts a glowing biohazard symbol on your target instead of the typical red dot. There's no word on whether DoubleStar actually intends to produce their chainsaw accessory, but I imagine there are plenty of Gears of War fans excited to own a real-life lancer. [ArmoryBlog via Dvice]