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Adorable Tokyo Metro Posters Remind Passengers to Be Polite

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Since 1974, Tokyo's Metro has created cute, quirky posters for their subway system to remind passengers of proper etiquette. Each fiscal year they roll out a new set of characters as the ambassadors of good manners, and for 2014 they've just revealed a new mascot (he's the lion in the center poster).

New posters appear monthly on the trains, often with themes coordinated to the holidays. The art adds a cheerful vibe to the subway cars, but they're also slyly effective, providing an entertaining way to encourage polite behavior without hitting passengers over the head with a boring list of rules and regulations. The 2014 series, named Miteru-chan will feature more personified animals, hopefully doing more adorable things like diving for pieces of cake. Check out some recent posters below and here.







All images via Metro Cultural Foundation