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Adorable Tool Tank Totally Out-Cutes Your Swiss Army Knife

Illustration for article titled Adorable Tool Tank Totally Out-Cutes Your Swiss Army Knife

The term 'cute' and 'tool' aren't often associated, but I can't think of a better way to describe this tiny screwdriver designed to look like a miniature tank hanging from your keyring.


The Tool Tank's barrel accepts one of the three screwdriver bits stored in its tracks, which are held in place through the magic of magnets. The barrel also raises, letting you—you know—actually use the Tool Tank as a screwdriver, while its large base provides plenty of grip when you've really got to tighten something down.

It's unfortunately not as well equipped as a Swiss Army Knife, but it will also sell for just $15 when it's available come February. [Spinning Hat via The Red Ferret Journal]

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That looks way better than one of these. I love my utilikey, but I have no idea how anyone is supposed to use the phillips head without cutting their fingertips off. The blade on this thing is sharp!