You've seen Andy Gilmore's art before—you might just not know it. Gilmore's colorful kaleidoscopes have adorned everything from magazines to album covers to snowboards. And now, thanks to a collaboration with the Ghostly Store, these hypnotic prints can also deck your walls.

Gilmore is inspired by all kinds of forms, many of which come from nature. He usually works in pencil, using a lot of the same tools you probably used back in high school math classes (rulers, graph paper, protractors, etc.), to make his dynamic landscapes. You can learn a little bit about Andy and his process (and his insane attention to detail) in the short film below.


A print will run you anywhere from $110 to $800, and there's a special edition folio offered for $1,000. They look like beautiful exploding nebulas. Except you don't have to go all the way to space to see them. [Ghostly Store, Vimeo]