Got a blank wall that needs a little love? I dare you to browse the prints at 3 Fish Studios and not find something you want to mount proudly in your apartment. Check it out: Godzilla! Robots! Ballparks! Architectural landmarks! Iconic landscapes! Old school game controllers! Mid-century-freaking-furniture!

Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin are the married couple and creative pair behind the Bay Area workshop, who've been making—and teaching—art together since 2007.

I've been a fan of their work for years—particularly Rewitzer's linocuts, which are made by etching a design into a linoleum sheet. These things are certifiably Edward Bawden-level brilliant.

After posting about these neat patent posters the other day, it was pretty clear that a lot of you are looking for cool ways to decorate, so consider this heads-up your latest hot tip.

Prices range from the sensible $30 for 8" by 8" hand-pulled prints to a splurge-y $500 for massive 42" x 42" masterpieces. Go forth and find something nice for your place. [3 Fish Studios]