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Posters of Famous Patents Put Other People's Great Ideas On Your Wall

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The design process is a many splendored thing full of trial and error, prototypes and practice runs. When your genius is ready to make its debut, filing a patent is a bureaucratic way to project your concept from idea-stealers—but it turns out the diagrammatical drawings are artworks in themselves.


Etsy member PatentPrints has pulled up the licenses for familiar designs—cool crap from pop culture, like Batman's mask and Lego minifigs, as well as standard stuff like forks and toilet paper rolls—and produced a series of posters that look like they were lifted straight from the workshop (the chalkboard-style is a nice touch).


All in all, there are 360 items to choose from, and it's tough to imagine there's a passion that isn't represented. And while the price is way reasonable—a mere $6.99 each!—it's pretty fun just scrolling through the endless inventions, imagining a world where they didn't exist, and wondering what kind of wonderful dreams have yet to be realized. [PatentPrints]