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After Bricking Their Devices, Google Will Help Revolv Owners 'Case by Case'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, news broke that Google will be discontinuing services for Revolv smart hubs, rendering a lot of people’s smart homes anything but. Following some (highly justified) backlash, the company has said it will help individual owners, possibly including compensation.

In statements posted to Twitter and given out by Nest’s PR, the Google-owned company is encouraging users to reach out to Revolv, so that they can find “the best solution for your needs.” The company is going to address customers on a “case-by-case basis...including compensation”—so there won’t be a wholesale refund of devices, but if your Revolv hub is central to your smart home, it sounds like Nest will help find you some alternative hardware.

It’s an unfortunate reality for early adopters, especially for a technology where there’s no set standard, that hardware is going to become obsolete or just stop working. It’s a harsh move, but also one that’s in line with Google’s long and storied history of killing off projects it doesn’t like any more. Yes, I am still bitter about Google Reader.


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