Agenda Calendar: Get Something Done for a Change

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We all want to be better organized, but we never get a goddamn thing done. Why? Because we can't see the fires we're extinguishing in front of us from the forest that's ablaze with things we need/want to do in the future. Agenda Calendar will help you see the bigger picture.

What's it do?

Agenda Calendar taps into your existing iOS calendars and lays them out in a customizable, swipe-friendly interface. As you swipe left through the interface, the view drills down from year to month to week to day. The app's new "Goal View" mode creates it's own calendar called "Agenda Goals," which allows you to view one or two long-term goals for each month of the year on a single screen. (Say, for example, you want to learn more about college basketball before March Madness and how to tap dance before the holidays.) The "Status Taps" feature is a handy way to automate email or text message actions with taps so that you can let your co-workers know you're late for a meeting without slowing down to type.


Why do we like it?

Agenda Calendar takes all of the good parts about Apple's calendar app, makes them better, and adds new features to boot. The silky interface is so easy to navigate that it will make you wonder why you've been staring at Apple's barebones design for so long. Because the app just grabs the calendar's from your iPhone's settings, adding new calendars is a breeze. Status Taps are a lifesaver for the perpetually tardy. The Goal View is a great idea that could be integrated into the app a little better so that your goals are more present as you use the app from day to day. Remember: a goal in the future is a goal you're not thinking about now.

Illustration for article titled Agenda Calendar: Get Something Done for a Change

Agenda Calendar

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The Worst

Goal View could be better.


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I've used many an iOS calendar app and Agenda by far is the best. Clean, simple and free from bloat. Which for me is what sullied Calvetica. The only thing I wish they'd do better in Agenda is an improved landscape view.