AI-Generated Candy Heart Messages Let Your 'Sweat Poo' Know It's 'Time 2 Wank'

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A lot of people are banking on a future ruled by artificial intelligence, but in its current form, AI can still be hilariously dumb.

Take, for instance, a neural network’s attempt to create candy heart messages. Some are pretty mild, like “LOVE BUN” and “YOU ARE BABE,” while others, like “SWEAT POO,” are not the obvious choice for striking up a romance.


Research scientist Janelle Shane trained a neural network to create Valentine’s Day sweetheart messages by feeding it a set of data—“all the genuine heart messages I could find,” Shane noted in a blog post. The neural network learns from the dataset and imitates the language to generate its own version of candy heart messages. The problem, as is evident in the resulting “YOU A GOO” and “CHERT FACE,” is that machines are still not very good at understanding the nuances of human vocabulary.

“There was yet another category of message, a category you might be able to predict given the prevalence of four-letter words in the original dataset,” Shane wrote in the blog. “The neural network thought of some nice new four-letter words to use.”


In an email to Gizmodo, Shane sent the bonus candy messages, which included words that were not in the original dataset given to the neural network. Shane said that the machine might’ve generated these words “because they seemed like they would be something pronounceable.” They include, “SWEET PISS,” “SWEET GAOL,” “PISS ME,” “TITT KISS,” “SWEET HIGH,” “MEAT MATE,” “MY PISS,” “SWEET POLE,” “BEAT ME TAME,” AND “BONG LOV,” as well as the ones pictured below. Happy Valentine’s Day, chert faces, have a sweet piss of a day with your meat mates.