Air Catapult Launches Man Into the Sky, Requires Parachute to Land

This crazy giant catapult, probably built by Wile E. Coyote out of two construction cranes and ACME industrial-grade rubber bands, is designed to send a man into space with no security cables or net. As you will see in the video, after surviving the bazillion-G-force launch in one piece, he has to open a parachute to return safely to land. After seeing this 125 times today, I'm convinced this guy should have been the pilot of the X-Wing rocket. [LiveLeak]


And to think everyone was getting upset when squirrels were shot off a balcony by a device 1/1000th the size of this thing. I am surprised the guy got off the ground because his balls must be the size of elephants. (Or, was it even a guy?)