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AirFox Live Helicopter Streams Traffic, Utter Chaos

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Chicago Fox affiliate WFLD has embraced a touch of with their new AirFox Live helicopter feed. Viewers can now visit the AirFox website and view Google Maps GPS tracking of the chopper, along with a real-time video feed sharing whatever it sees.

Sure, this could be a novelty during their daily traffic reports, but more interestingly, the feed will be live any time that the chopper is in the air—including breaking news like fires, police chases and parade balloons gone amuck. WFLD will probably broadcast a better signal of these more intense moments as they go live to TV, but the point is more that viewers aren't defaulting to the choices of producers, directors or sponsors to get information from a major news outlet. Then again, it's such choices that save the average person from staring at webcams all day waiting for something to happen. [myfoxchicago via techcrunch]