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Alex Proyas Scares Nic Cage With Albinos And Numbers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Scary numbers warn Nic Cage that he must stop the world's worst disaster, or be feasted upon by a flock of disappearing white people — or something — in this new Knowing trailer.

In this Alex Proyas-directed movie, Cage plays a super-smart numbers guy, whose son unearths a student time capsule from 50 years ago. Inside, Cage's son finds a letter that's just a list of numbers, Cage realize it's actually a code to every bad thing that's ever happened, or will happen. And oh noes, the biggest crisis ever is headed our way. It's like National Treasure, except it's National Disaster instead.


Also, the new Knowing trailer reveals these scary albinos who know how to point creepily like the best of them. Oh, I do not have high hopes for this film — even with Proyas attached to it.

Knowing will be released in March of 2009.