Alien Queen Cosplay with a Roaring Twenties Twist

The Queen from Aliens is an incredibly creepy bit of design - but Ashley J Long has turned it into a thing of Art Deco-esque beauty by making this fabulously classy Halloween costume.

Long's Dress is fantastic - it comes complete with a spine and tail attachment to complete her Queen's look - and has a delightful accessory in an Alien egg filled with fake slime, but the highlight is the fabulous headpiece. Secured over a bike helmet, it's made from around 50 pieces of cardstock, and coated in Bondo in a process that took over 2 months - and finished off with some decorative jewels and some hanging beads, it ties it all together as one gorgeous bit of costuming:


Never have the Xenomorphs been so dapper!

You can check out a few more pictures of Long creating the costume over at Make, linked below.

[Make, via Fashionably Geek]

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