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Alien-Taping Jeff Peckman Also Has a Metatron Personal Harmonizer to Sell You

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It turns out, preparing for the imminent alien invasion is only part of Jeff Peckman's craziness. He also creates and peddles "Metatron Harmonizers," little snakeoil gadgets designed to "transform the chaotic electromagnetic fields into life-supporting fields that are in harmony with the natural fields created by the human physiology." Hoo boy.


Essentially, he's another quack who thinks electromagnetic fields put out by cellphones and Wi-Fi cause medical problems despite all evidence to the contrary. Rather than petitioning to get rid of the fields like some, he's profiting off the stupidity of others instead.


You can either get a Metatron Personal Harmonizer, which is basically a credit card, or a Metatron Auto Harmonizer, which plugs into your cigarette lighter in your car. Both items will do nothing, but I love the claims on the website as to their benefits.

-Allow you to be more comfortable in your daily life

-Allow you to be more comfortable in challenging situations

-Assist you in being on the cutting edge of bringing Global Peace

-Foster joy, lightness of being, creativity and abundance

-Promote the unfolding of your Divine Purpose

-Assist you in manifesting your heart's desires

-Help you to have deeper, more restful sleep

-Eliminate travel fatigue and jet lag

Boy howdy, I can promote the unfolding of my Divine Purpose by simply buying a $150 credit card? Where do I sign up?!

So yeah, if you had hopes that this nutjob's alien video is legit, this might lower those odds a bit further. [Reduce EMF Stress, Thanks DW!]