Alienware M11x Available for Preorder Now, Shipping March 1

Illustration for article titled Alienware M11x Available for Preorder Now, Shipping March 1

Just a few hours after the M11x specs first leaked, Dell has put its high-powered ultraportable gaming notebook on its website for pre-order. It starts at $799, and will ship on March 1.


Turns out the leaked info was pretty accurate, except for the pricing and ship date. That $799 will get you a Pentium SU4100 processor, though for an extra $100 you can equip it with a far superior Core2Duo SU7300. The start price also includes 2GB of dual channel DDR3 memory at 800MHz, while 8GB dual channel DDR3 will cost you an additional $350. You'll also probably want more than a 160GB SATAII hard drive, with your options scaling up to 500GB SATAII (7200 RPM) for $150.

In all, it looks like you're going to have to spend at least a thousand bucks—and probably more—for an M11x that's capable of the kind of gaming you're going to buy it for in the first place. It still may be worth it, but it's certainly not as much of a deal as we first thought. [Dell. Thanks, Sam!]



man I can see the owner of this laptop right now.

Wearing a "My other shirt is a tabard" tshirt. WoW.