Alky Project Hopes to Bring DirectX 10 Gaming to Mac, WinXP, and Linux

If the thought of bringing DirectX 10 functionality to your non-Vista machine sounds enticing, you'll wanna check out the Alky Project. No, it has nothing to do with liquor, but instead it's a project developed by 19-year-old Cody Brocious to bring the DirectX 10 platform (gaming in particular) to Windows XP, Mac and Linux users.

There's an alpha available that works (in most occasions) and a $50 donation gives you dibs on development builds and perks. We wish Cody the best of luck, but side with Ars on this one in saying that its ambitious goals require more resources than one person.


Project Aims to Bring DX10 Gaming to XP, Linux, OS X [Ars Technica via FayerWayer]

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