All Along the Biketower

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The Tower of Babel. The Great Pyramids. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. That pantheon of epic structures wasn't compete until Cyclisk: a 65-foot tall, 10,000-pound obelisk comprising about 340 bicycles, a tricycle, and a healthy disregard for proportion.


The sculpture, which resides in Santa Rosa, California, was built by artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector, and cost $37,000 to build. That's a lot of Schwinn.

While Grieve says that the message is up to the viewer, but when you consider that the project was funded by Nissan and in a neighborhood rife with car dealerships? It's tempting to think of it more as a mausoleum than a celebration. [Wired; Photo credit: Mario Parnell]


Joke #1: If the bikes were all carbon fiber, the tower would float.

Joke #2: If the bikes were all Huffys, the total value of the tower would be five dollars.

Joke #3: If the bikes were all Huffys, the forks would all be put on backwards.

Joke #4: The best use for any bike bought at Wal-Mart.

Joke #5: I'd still rather ride this thing than a Klein Mantra.

Joke #6: Cyclisk is also available as a recumbent. It's twice as long, three times as heavy, costs twice as much, and half as fast. Also, it's admired by old guys.

Joke #7: Behold, the world's lightest suspension seatpost!

Joke #8: Cyclisk was stolen from in front of a Starbuck's. It was Maglocked to a parking meter.

Joke #9: The builders accepted any second hand bike for the project, except ones with BioPace chainrings. They didn't want their sculpture to look stupid.