All Boarding Passes Should Look Like This

Airlines no longer have excuses. They need to get off their asses. They need Flight Card. What's Flight Card? It's an iPhone app that simply and beautifully tracks flights. It also should be the future of boarding passes.

Flight Card displays all the pertinent flight info, the flight number, airports, flight status, etc. in an absolutely beautiful package. One screen, and you have all you need to know. If you need to share your flight with another person, you can easily do that. All the information is using Flightstats (which has long been my go to flight tracking website), so you know it's good.


I see higher hopes for this though. I littttttrrrrally want my boarding pass to look exactly like that. I'm done with the days of airplane tickets, I'm even done with printing tickets at home or at a kiosk too, it doesn't make any more sense. I know some airlines have jumped to smartphone "tickets" but none have done it as elegantly as Flight Card. JetBlue, Virgin America, someone good, please make this your boarding pass. [iTunes]

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