Sony Pictures just announced that Nas, a rapper you probably loved in middle school, is releasing a fashion collection to promote the new Ghostbusters movie. This is such a fun idea!

The Ghostbusters deal isn’t just about selling jumpsuits. Nas, an artist who released a song called “Money Is My Bitch” in 1999, will put his creative spin on everything from eyewear (in partnership with Italia Independent) to bikes (in partnership with Tokyobike) to sneakers (in partnership with FILA) to hats (in partnership with New Era) to headphones (in partnership with Monster, duh). Nas’s streetwear label, HSTRY, will provide the streetwear.


Nas, a Grammy award winner whose single “Money Over Bullshit” came out in 2006, also did a promotional video in which he wore a proton pack and sat in the driver’s seat of Ecto-1. It’s really great, and it makes me think that all badass movies should get rapper endorsements. No need to wonder which artist would be perfect for which feature film coming out soonish. I made a list.

Twista should do Star Wars: Episode VIII

This one is obvious. Twista, who released the song “Overnight Celebrity” in 2004, would be the perfect rapper to get behind the next 17 Star Wars movies. Twista can make celebrities overnight and so can Star Wars. Perfect!

Wyclef Jean should do Captain America: Civil War

Wyclef Jean, who once tried and failed to become the president of Haiti, released the modern classic “Gone Till November” in 1997. It’s real sad, as is fighting all your best friends.

M.I.A. should do Wonder Woman

It just makes sense.

Timbaland should do Suicide Squad

Timbaland, who released the song “Smile” in 2007, probably has some great ideas for Joker-branded something. Boots?

Nelly should do Justice League: Part One

Nelly, who released “Hot in Herre” in 2002, would be a terrific rapper to endorse Zack Snyder’s next shit show. Maybe he could design some Superman pajamas.

Eminem should do Power Rangers

Just imagine how fun it would be if Eminem had to say that phrase “Power Rangers” a whole bunch. He’d get paid for it, too.

RZA should do The Jungle Book

RZA, who expressed his feelings with the song “Fuck What You Think” in 1998, needs to get behind this movie. Bill Murray is the voice of Baloo, so they’ve got history. Also RZA could be the only thing that could make this creepy movie cool.

Pitbull should do Fast 8

This might already be a thing, actually.

Flo Rida should do X-Men: Apocalypse

I don’t actually know a thing about Flo Rida, but my coworker Mario thinks this would work.

J-Kwon should do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

J-Kwon’s masterpiece “Tipsy” crushed dance floors in 2004. But then he didn’t really ever have another hit so this endorsement would be a real-life “out of the shadows” story.

J-Kwon should also do Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Same reason as the Ninja Turtle one.

J-Kwon should also do Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

No seriously, J-Kwon hasn’t released an album in five years. The song “Back to the Money” was on that album, so clearly he’s interested in money.

J-Kwon should also do Baywatch

The whole soundtrack should be “Tipsy,” and J-Kwon can make some bikinis. Money made.