All Of Snow Leopard's Hidden, Secret Settings Laid Bare

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Screencap formats, secret dock animations, previously unseen menu shortcuts, login screen backgrounds: These are the hidden settings the Apple doesn't want you to see (or just forgot about) and that Secrets, a free, super-simple app, helpfully wrangles into one place.

The hidden tweaks are a mix of features that didn't quite make the final cut or were deemed too slight to deserve their own tick-box, and deep system changes that normally call for terrifying terminal commands. And they don't stop at Snow Leopard: Secrets, which has been around in one form or another for a while now, has collected a huge library of "gray" settings for other apps too, from Apple's various software suites to civilian apps like Skype and NetNewsWire. The app is free, and installs as a PrefPane. [Secrets via TUAW]

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