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Verizon just bought AOL, but before that, AOL was a company with deep pocketbooks (all that dial-up money!) and a very weird portfolio of acquisitions.


Behold, the media properties now possessed by Verizon:

The Huffington Post

HuffPo is one of the largest online media companies, with robust native video. It’ll likely be a cornerstone of Verizon’s campaign for more video ad content.



Originally independent, TechCrunch was purchased by AOL back in 2010.


AOL’s answer to Fandango is a search tool to find information about movies.

Weblogs, Inc.

This ring of blogs, including popular tech blog Engadget and former gaming blog Joystiq, was purchased by AOL in 2005.

5Min Media

Buying this Israeli startup back in 2010 helped AOL get its foot in the video syndication business.



Another jump into the video syndication business for AOL.

Yep, another online video platform!


This video search engine, acquired by AOL in 2006, also helps to power AOL’s video platform.



You guessed it, another video network, also folded into AOL’s video platform.

Things Lab

A software startup focused on Brizzly, an app for social sharing, Things Lab was a purchase that showed how much AOL wanted a foot in the door with social.


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