All this animated Firefly clip needs is 2 Seconds to break your heart

It's funny how two seconds of animation about a 9-year-old plot point can be so emotional, but I guess that's just Firefly's MO at this point. Excellent work, Stephen Byrne!


We've featured Byrne's work on io9 before, but this tease for an 'Animated Adventures of Firefly' he's working on is enough to have us all verklempt and nostalgic before we've seen any more of it outside of the gif above. Goddamit, Hoban Washburne. We shouldn't still be feeling this 9 years after Serenity!

The animation itself is lovely, but just as intriguing is the whole process behind it - here's a video from Byrne that shows all the work that goes into just 2 seconds of animation:

[Nerd Approved]

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