All Windows Mobile 6.5 Phones to Feature Physical 'Start' Button

Illustration for article titled All Windows Mobile 6.5 Phones to Feature Physical Start Button

Here's an interesting one-off about Windows Mobile 6.5. Microsoft has mandated that all phones running the OS feature a physical "Start" button.


(We can see an example here in the new HTC Touch Pro.)


Using the Start button will not take you to the Home screen, like the Zune, but to that trademark honeycomb icon screen that's new to Windows Mobile 6.5. As much as we like touchscreens, mandating a hard button in the 6.5 spec seems like a smart decision from Microsoft—one that should keep widely varied phones running the OS doing so with some level of consistency. [Gizmodo Windows 6.5 Liveblog]

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Nice. I think the same think that happened to audio equipment is going to happen to cell phones. Sound equipment went through a phase of few buttons and everything controlled by software. Then they had a really big backlash and now there is a physical button for everything.

I can't wait for a rotary dial cell phone. Seriously though, I want one.