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I wonder what would've happened to all these companies that pump out dock after dock if Apple never released their indefatigable iPod. Such as it is, we're blessed seemingly every day with another dock and today is Altec Lansig's day in the sun. The InMotion im500 is designed for the iPod nano, but will work with pretty much any audio device thanks to a 3.5mm input. The im500's speakers are designed in such a way as to maximize sound performance in such a small space, which is further enhanced with MaxxBass technology. And yes, it'll charge and sync your nano like nobody's business.

The biggest "wow" of the im500 is its small size: as the picture so amazingly shows, it's pretty darn small, but in a cool, size doesn't matter kind of way. The dock even folds up when not in use. It'll be available in Japan this August for around $135.


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