It's a parade of endless portable audio accessories and Altec Lansing is the latest company hoping you spend your hard earned money on their useful products. The iM9 promises to deliver "concert hall acoustics" in small spaces, like dorm rooms or Manhattan apartments. Since it's designed for the iPod, expect a whole host of iPod-centric features, including its ability to charge the iPod and transfer data to and from a PC when its docked.

Whether or not it actually sounds like the Boston Pops is debatable, but Altec Lansing tried its darndest to make sure it doesn't sound like a dictaphone. MaxxBass (note the two X's: that means quality) attempts to simulate the skull-rattling low frequencies produced by subwoofers. Also appreciated is the inclusion of a second input jack for connecting other devices.


Weighing only four pounds, it's not too heavy for you to haul around town. It's available now for $199.

Product Page [Altec Lansing via The Red Ferret Journal]