Alto Express and Connect: Two Very Different Laptop Stands From Logitech

Note: Due to a Logitech printing error, we mistakenly reported that the Alto Express is $50. It is $30, as the fact sheet itself confirms. Sorry for the confusion.

The night of Logitech laptop goodies continues, with two very different stands. One, the Alto Express, is sleek and ergonomic, and looks a little, um, analog for the $50 it's going to cost when it ships next month. Thankfully those Swiss engineers at Logitech furnished us with a rationale for coughing up dough, in the form of a diagram:


The more robust Alto Connect, on the other hand, looks well worth its $80 price tag, as a USB hub and cord wrangler, in addition to being your spine-straightening friend. Jump for fact sheets plus a gallery of sexy shots—if you look close, you can see every orifice jack on the Connect's two-piece body.


Alto Express Fact Sheet:

Logitech Alto™ Express Notebook Stand

The new look of comfort
Announcement Date: June 20, 2007 Shipping: July 2007
Price: $29.99 Available at:

Product Description
The Logitech Alto Express is an affordable, stylish notebook stand with a translucent surface and smooth, sculptural curve. The lightweight, one-piece stand requires minimal setup and encourages better posture, improving overall comfort when using a notebook PC. When placed on the stand, the laptop's display is brought to eye level and proper arm distance, which is ideal according to basic ergonomic principles. And with the addition of any full-size keyboard and mouse, the Alto Express brings increased comfort to virtually any notebook PC.

• Display stand encourages good posture
• Works with virtually any laptop
• High-quality, stylish, translucent construction
• Rubber feet keep notebook and stand securely in place
• When not in use, mouse and keyboard can be stored underneath stand to reduce clutter
• Smart alternative to large, expensive monitors and more permanent docking stations


Alto Connect Fact Sheet:

Logitech Alto™ Connect Notebook Stand Plus 4-Port USB Hub

Improve your notebook comfort and connectivity
Announcement Date: June 20, 2007 Shipping: July 2007
Price: $79.99 Available at:

Product Description
The Logitech Alto Connect notebook stand encourages comfortable posture and provides people with a powered, four-port USB hub. When a laptop is placed on the stand and a full-size keyboard and mouse are placed in front of the stand, people can sit up and view their notebook display at the optimal viewing height and distance. For added convenience, one of the USB ports is located at the front of the stand for easy access when plugging in a device such as an MP3 player or USB flash drive. A cable-management system and a cavern for storing the USB cable when not in use reduce cord chaos. To set up the stand, the user simply crosses two leg-like parts across each other and rests the laptop on top of the X-shape design. Rubber bumpers help ensure that the laptop is secure while embedded Teflon-like feet make it easy to slide across the surface to move the stand to the desired position. When it's time to put the laptop away, the user can simply unhook the two Alto Connect pieces and store them in a drawer.

Key Features
• Display stand encourages good posture
• Four built-in USB 2.0 high-speed ports (3 in back, 1 in front for convenient access)
• AC power cord included
• Cable-management system
• High-quality construction with rubber feet to keep notebook securely in place
• Easy access to front-facing ports or inputs
• Frame design promotes air circulation and keeps notebook cool
• Compatible with virtually any laptop

System Requirements
• USB port
• Power outlet
• MacBook and MacBook Pro or notebook PC (12 to 7 inch)
• External keyboard and mouse (not included)


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